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Chickens, ducks, seals and cows: a dangerous bird flu strain is knocking on Australia’s door. The Conversation

Avian influenza (H5N1): why are experts concerned about the virus reaching Antarctica? Infection and Immunity Podcast

Avian influenza has killed millions of seabirds around the world: Antarctica could be next. The Conversation

Bird flu, human cases, and risk to Australia. University of Melbourne Pursuit

When should we worry about bird flu making us sick? When we see human-to-human transmission – and there’s no evidence of that yet. The Conversation

Tracking avian influenza to safeguard Australia. University of Melbourne Pursuit

High burden of avian influenza in the Northern Hemisphere, and what is means for us here in Australia. Doherty Institute News

Cosmos Q&A: Predicting the next pandemic. Cosmos Magazine.

Nearly half a million poultry deaths: there are 3 avian influenza outbreaks in Victoria. Should we be worried? The Conversation

Wild birds are neglected hosts for coronaviruses. Doherty Website

Penguin viruses on the frozen continentUniversity of Melbourne Pursuit

How our avian athletes could spread influenza. University of Melbourne Pursuit

A duck is not a duck is not a duck. Nature Community Behind the Paper

The canary in a superbug mine. BMC On Biology.

Seabirds and flu, a review. Zoonotic Ecology and Epidemiology blog.

Is the Labrador Duck a Common Eider x Steller’s Eider hybrid? No. The Lab and Field blog

In the news:

Chat with Lucy Breaden on ABC Hobart Drive

Chat with Graham Beal on “Little Wing” on 3MDR (starts at 1hr10 – 1hr30)

ABC Late Night Live An avian flu virus is wreaking havoc globally

A strain of bird flu has caused ‘mass mortality events’ on every continent but Australia. Scientists say an outbreak is inevitable

The Bird-Flu Host We Should Worry About

Hónapokig észrevétlenül terjedt tehenek között a H5N1 madárinfluenza, ami az emberi fertőzéseknek is utat nyit

Why dangerous bird flu is spreading faster and farther than first thought in U.S. cattle

Behind the Ice Curtain: Antarctic Treaty talks conceal looming bird flu catastrophe

More states are finding bird flu in cattle. This is what scientists are watching for

ABC Victoria Country Hour.

Australia urged to be ‘vigilant’ as deadly bird flu reaches mainland Antarctica for the first time

Deadly H5N1 avian influenza strain detected on mainland Antarctica for the first time.

Antarctica’s Penguins Could Be Devastated by Avian Influenza 

Avian influenza or ‘bird flu’ has devastated wildlife across South America. Antarctica could be next

A bird flu outbreak is sweeping the globe. Its long-term effects are unclear

Five species positive for avian influenza in South Georgia

Avian influenza reaches South Georgia 

Mass deaths of elephant seals recorded as bird flu sweeps across the Antarctic

Drowning coastal ecosystems

What role do we all play in our biosecurity? 

Bird Flu Has Never Done This Before 

Avian flu may have killed millions of birds globally as outbreak ravages South America 

Bird flu can jump to mammals. Should we worry? 

Analysis-Why public health officials are not panicked about bird flu 

Global H5N1 bird flu outbreak so bad many countries are now considering vaccination 

Bird flu is spreading among mammals. How worried should we be? 

Bird flu keeps spreading beyond birds. Scientists worry it signals a growing threat to humans, too

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Media features of “How accurately can we assess zoonotic risk?” 1234567891011121314151617

Photography in science:

Great Black-backed Gulls photographed in St. Johns, NL. Banner image for an article on HPAI in “Canadian Poultry”


A Mallard photographed in the city park in Kalmar, Sweden, Autumn 2013. Also the cover of my PhD thesis.

Michelle Wille

A juvenile black headed gull photographed in the city park in Kalmar, Sweden, summer 2012. Cover image for Josanne Verhagen’s Journal of Virology article

Michelle Wille

An adult Herring Gull, sampled for our study, on Gull Island, Newfoundland. Summer 2009. Cover for Yanyn Huang’s Virology article.

Michelle Wille

My photos are also featured on the banner of the Zoonotic Ecology and Epidemiology blog

Bird Art

I design bird graphics, which you can now purchase on tshirts 🙂